Out Now, Freddy Locks´new album: “Infinite Roots”


6th / COLLIGNON is playing in the beautiful festival Nascentes in Leiria/ Portugal

11th – 15th / FREDDY LOCKS is on tour in Germany and Switzerland

26th / release date for MIRA KENDÔ’s debut single: N’ Dija Nha Africa 


23rd / “Kano” will be out, the second single from MIRA KENDÔ

Gris Gris Records

Gris Gris Records a new label with roots in Portugal, Guiné-Bissau and the Netherlands. We are interested in traditional music within a contemporary context in an ever-changing world. Through the sharing of stories we intend to create space for dialogue and education.

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SOON Freddy Locks | Infinite Roots
SOON Freddy Locks | Pure Smile (Infinite Roots)
COLLIGNON | Regresso a Casa
Freddy Locks | Bring Up The Feeling (Infinite Roots)
COLLIGNON | Lagoinha Minha Nave (feat Mira Kendô)
Freddy Locks | Fazuma (Infinite Roots)
COLLIGNON | 7'' Viemos de Longe + Visita Noturna
COLLIGNON | Viemos de Longe
Gris Gris Booking Artists

Braima Galissá (GNB)   |   COLLIGNON (NL – bookings Portugal )   |   Freddy Locks (PT)   |   Mira Kendô (GNB-PT)   |   Maurino (NL/CL)


Portugal / Guiné Bissau
The Netherlands
Portugal / Guiné Bissau / Netherlands
Chile / The Netherlands