Gris Gris Records

Gris Gris Records a new label with roots in Portugal, Guiné-Bissau and the Netherlands. We are interested in traditional music within a contemporary context in an ever-changing world. Through the sharing of stories we intend to create space for dialogue and education.

Viemos de Longe

Viemos de Longe is the song where the three personas of Yves, Gino and Jori truly came together for the first time. It’s a high-energy, Funana-inspired groove featuring Gino’s distinctive style of simultaneously playing the drums with his right hand and the congas with his left. Cape Verdian themes mix with Yves Thai phin solo, in a psychedelic dubby spring-verbed tape-delayed production.
The title, ‘Viemos de Longe’ meaning ‘We come from far’, describes their personal journey coming together, but also the sounds that traveled all the way into the production ( well as the long drives on their current tour schedule).

Gris Gris Booking Artists

Braima Galissá (GNB)   |   COLLIGNON (NL – bookings Portugal )   |   Freddy Locks (PT)   |   Mira Kendo (GNB-PT)